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Great Barr’s annual open B.P.E Exhibition

Great barr PS held its BPE open Exhibition on Saturday 17th October with a mix of printed images and digital projections, our members worked very hard from early on in the day with the evening culminating in an impressive digital slide show accompanied by a rousing soundtrack. We are now looking forward to our Panel exhibition early in the new year.

As Always

Happy Snapping!

Welcome to the Great Barr Photographic Society web site, we are a group of  people who all share an interest in taking pictures. Our aim as a club is to improve and build upon every members skill level and to appreciate the medium of picture taking, we meet on a Thursday evening at the West Bromwich Community Centre on Gayton Road. Please take the time to look around our site, all pictures are taken by our members, we hope that the information given here will encourage you to take more pictures and even perhaps join us at the club, just click on the about us tab for more information.

What’s a “BPE”?

The British Photographic Exhibitions (BPE) "The BPE exists to encourage photographers to enter exhibitions and to recognize successful entrants via the issue of the Crown Awards photographic distinctions. Exhibition members share ideas, promote each other's exhibitions and generally work together to promote competitive photography."

For those starting from scratch the system is as follows.

You need to enter any of the BPE member exhibitions listed on the BPE web site. These can be found in the Exhibitions section where you can either download an entry form or find out where you can obtain one via the web site of the club whose competition you wish to enter.

With every photo that you have accepted in an exhibition you accrue one point.

When in the first instance you have accrued 25 points you can apply to the BPE Awards Officers (Alison and Andy Fryer) for the One Crown Award. The address to send your application to is

BPE Crown Awards Officers, 38 Oldacre Lane, Brocton, Stafford, ST17 0TW

They will send you an application form to fill in listing the year, exhibition, section & numbers of acceptances.

Following their verification of the form you will be sent your Certificate & Ribbon & be entitled to use “BPE1*” after your name.

You can continue this process until you reach “BPE5*” for which you will have to have gained 300 points. You are then eligible for ABPE (Associate) and FBPE (Fellow) which you may then apply for.

There is no charge for any of these services, except for the individual exhibition entry fees payable

to BPE club exhibitions which you wish to enter.

The BPE currently consists of 22 members exhibitions. These are typically organised by either a single photographic club or by a number of clubs in the same geographical area.

The Website is