GBO meets GBPS

Great Barr reporter ASHLEY PREECE popped into Great Barr Photographic Society recently for a glimpse of what goes on behind the lens...

TUCKED away inside West Bromwich Community Centre is a photo-happy group inspired by all things photography.

I was invited down by committee member and keen portrait snapper Gary Hurdman, who told me the key to a good photo was 'having a good eye'.

Great Barr Photographic Society has been running since 1987 and it currently has approximately 30 members. Some, however, have gone into photography full-time while new, intrigued members keep trickling in.

 "It's just a bit of fun," Gary told me, "there's different ages and abilities that come along and it's a good community get-together."

Gary and committee members, like chairman John Haines, are always appealing for new members so, being a complete rookie with a camera, I thought I'd see what the group entails.

"Everybody is at different levels of photography and everybody enjoys doing different things," John said. "That's what's good about the group, people are helping each other."

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